developed for Senior Thesis

Watch the video here!

For my senior thesis in the Design + Digital Media major at the Laguna College of Art + Design, I created a concept for a new platform for social activism. With background and my love for social action, I noticed that social media brought light to a lot of issues in the world but its fast pace allowed us to share viral videos and hashtags campaigns and move on. I wanted movements and causes of all kinds and sizes to have a place to live on the web that wasn’t a fleeting moment on someone’s Facebook news feed.

My website is called Gather and it’s a place for people to come together to create real change. It would have resources for people to learn how to effectively create and participate in events like protests, navigate social media, and simply find causes near them to be a part of for the long run.

  • Client - Senior Thesis
  • Date Completed - May 2015
  • Skills/Tools Used - Branding, Web Design, Print Design, Event Graphics, Motion Graphics, Video Editing