Jessica Necor - Aran Islands Vans2
Jessica Necor - Aran Islands Vans
Jessica Necor - Aran Islands Vans3
Jessica Necor - Moodboards and Demographic-7

Aran Islands Footwear

developed for Vans x LCAD

This women’s footwear line was designed in an industry-sponsored class with Vans along with accompanying apparel and merchandising displays. It is inspired by the rich texture of Irish knitwear originating in the Aran Islands. Each style of knit has a different meaning, tracing its history back to fishermen who wore knit sweaters for warmth and good luck.

  • Client - Vans x LCAD
  • Date Completed - December 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Footwear Design, Apparel Design, Textile Design, Visual Merchandising