July Poster a Day Challenge: Week 1

Some of my coworkers at R/GA had the idea of doing a daily poster challenge for the month of July. We’d take turns coming up with prompts for the day and had to post an 18″x24″ poster every day except weekends. I was totally down to participate, I’ve always wanted to do some kind of daily challenge but never stayed with it. Here’s what I came up with for the first week:

Day One: Anything that holds liquid


Day Two: Small and furry all over


Day Three: Upside down


Day Four: Lyrics from a favorite song


Day Five: Stripes


For today’s post I felt like I needed to respond somehow to what’s going on in our country, even if it was simple and without words. Love more, stand together. Black lives matter.

Stay tuned for the rest of July!

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